Not Dead

1). WELL HELLO. After an action packed year of unstoppable madness in which we were able to play 4 gigs, we EXIST again . And now there are more men than there were previously. Purely in a bid to add Champion Kickboxer and Smokers Die Younger to the list of bands from 2005 that we used to be in, we introduce NEIL as our DRUMMER

2. WELL WELL. We’ve got an EP and it’s here It’s been exquisitely recorded by Dave Sanderson at 2fly and is available to download NOW for £2.50 because that’s how much a pint should cost. We’ll also have some (very) limited edition CDs which you can pre-order. These will have hand painted watercolour sleeves and a lyric sheet on a vinyl themed CDR. These are £4 and will be shipped around the April 18th.

3. WELL. A GIG. We’ll “launch” the above mentioned physical copies of the EP at the Redhouse on the same day, Friday the 18th of April. That evening will also see the debut performance of the new project featuring Ex-Smoker Die Younger/hundreds of other bands members. And Neil. So that’s a double Neil gig.  Event thingy to follow.

4. WELL. There’s pathetic twitter account here Please follow to make it less embarrassing

5. AYE, so, now that we exist again we’d  be happy to play gigs, so drop us a line if you can facilitate that